Woman kicked out of gym for ‘too skimpy’ gym clothes speaks out


A woman has hit back on Facebook after her university gym made her leave after telling her that her clothes weren’t appropriate.

Confused, Sarah Villafañe posted a picture of what she was wearing that day – gym pants and a crop top – saying she didn’t have anything else to wear at the gym and that she’d never had problems wearing this outfit even outside of the gym.

‘I’ve worn this same outfit all day. Went to 3 classes and spoke personally with each of my professors today and they didn’t have a problem. But when I walked into the gym they asked me to put on a different shirt,’ she explains in the caption.

‘Obviously I didn’t bring an extra shirt to the gym and wasn’t about to wear my flannel while working out. So I just said mhm ok and went about my work out pretty pissed off that they even asked me to change.

‘Then, when I’m in the BACK CORNER of the gym doing abs on the floor, another staff member comes up and asks me to ‘put my shirt back on.’ I said, ‘I have a shirt on.’ They say, ‘no that’s not a shirt. You have to wear a whole shirt’. I say ‘how is this not a shirt?’’

The staff member eventually fetched the ‘boss’ of the gym who came over and told Sarah again to put a shirt on and said if she won’t then she has to leave.

She goes on to say that the gym initially told her that she needed more ‘coverage’ but later said it was ‘sanitary concerns’ that inspired their actions.

‘They never made those sanitary concerns clear when they asked me to change. They told me I need ‘more coverage’ and nothing more. Not to mention, their website has no written dress code anyway.’

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