The heartwarming reason this woman invited a homeless man to her house

If only there were more people like her!
Facebook: Charlotte Ellis

A young woman who missed her last train home after spending the night out with her boyfriend has captured the hearts of the internet after she invited a homeless man back to her house.

Charlotte Ellis and her boyfriend, Taylor Waldon, had missed their last train home from a night out in London when they became stranded in the freezing cold.

Soon after, the couple were approached by a homeless man who offered the pair his coat and duvet. ‘It’s a long wait and it’s freezing night,’ he said.

(Facebook: Charlotte Ellis)

The couple thanked the man, known only as Joel, before sitting down with him to wait for the next train. When it came time to leave, however, Charlotte made the kind-hearted decision to invite Joel back to her home.

It took some convincing, according to Charlotte’s Facebook post, but when the trio arrived home, they sat up for hours exchanging life stories.

Charlotte added that while her family and friends were initially apprehensive about the situation, they soon welcomed Joey into their circle of friends – taking him out to dinner, the hairdresser and giving him clothes and a phone.

Within just five days, Joey managed to land a job and was back on the road to independence.

(Facebook: Charlotte Ellis)

Of his success, Charlotte writes ‘All he needed was someone to have faith in him and to help be that stepping stone to make a difference to someone’s life.’

The world would surely be a better place with more people like you in it, Charlotte!

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