Mum horrified after being impregnated with the WRONG embryo in fertility clinic mix-up

How could that even happen!?

A mother was horrified to learn she gave birth to a stranger’s baby after being impregnated with the wrong embryo at an IVF clinic. 

The British woman was inseminated with another couple’s embryo-sperm combination at the US clinic, resulting in her delivering a baby she is not genetically related to. 

The couple had successfully had a child in 2016 from the same fertility clinic and wanted to try their luck again using the same donor’s egg and the father’s sperm, according to the Connecticut Post.

After giving birth in August 2018, they knew something was wrong when the child was born with marked differences, including appearing to be an entirely different race.

A DNA test from an outside lab confirmed the child was not genetically their own. 

The unnamed parents have filed a lawsuit against the clinic, claiming the mix-up has left them ‘devastated’.

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‘Their second child appeared to have a much darker skin pigmentation then either the father, the genetic mother or their first child which was extremely unexpected and perplexing as the children were supposed to have the same genetic makeup,’ the lawsuit states.

‘While the plaintiff’s second son is loved in every aspect the plaintiffs live in constant, nagging, debilitating fear that the person whose genetic material was used will realise, as they did, that the defendants negligently mixed up their genetic material.’

The couple also have no idea if their real embryo was inadvertently implanted in another unsuspecting couple.

They are seeking financial compensation to the tune of $200,000 and the case will go to trial in 2021, when their second child is three years old. 

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