Woman IMPALED by beach umbrella while sunbaking

She had to be cut free

A 67-year-old woman has been speared in the leg by a beach umbrella a freak gust of wind.

Margaret Reynolds had been sunbaking at Seaside Heights beach on the Jersey Shore, US, when the umbrella lifted into the air before landing and piercing her ankle. 

Seaside Heights Police Chief Tommy Boyd says firies had to use a bolt cutter on the umbrella to free the woman and put her in an ambulance.

Dr. Chris Strother – an emergency department pediatrician –  was at the scene almost straight away. 

‘Another guy who was there was an EMT in Jersey who beat me to it. We were both there, he had a med kit, he had a tourniquet to stop the bleeding, and we just held on to the umbrella until EMS got there to cut it off,’ he said. 

Another beach goer, Ricky Z, documented the incident on Instagram, saying:’This lady had an umbrella go through her leg 5 feet away from me! There was a strong gust of wind, there were a couple umbrellas flying. One of the corners of a random one went through her f***ing leg!’

Hackensack Meridian Health said Margaret Reynolds was in good condition on Tuesday.

Police said umbrellas need to be planted two-feet into the ground using a back and forth motion to prevent this from happening. 

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