Woman finds something sinister lurking in her car


An Aussie woman was left petrified after a huge python was discovered lurking in her car’s engine.

Jodi had been at Valla Beach, New South Wales, when she returned to her car and was warned that the reptile had slithered under the vehicle and disappeared inside.

And with a fear of snakes, the woman refused to get in the car, calling her friend Francesco Vellozzi for help.

The pair decided to call on a professional snake catcher, who soon arrived to retrieve the slippery creature.

Mr Vellozzi filmed the dramatic events before uploading it on to YouTube.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Australia, he said, ‘I opened the door and there it was in the door jam, so we prodded it and you could hear it hissing.

‘At one stage we took the battery out of the car to try and gain access.’

Continuing, he added, ‘And Trevor [the snake wrangler] had it by the head and was trying to pull it out but it was wrapping itself tightly around the engine.

‘It then went into the side of the car and we thought we lost it…You can see in the video how we got it out.’

Trevor with the python
(Credit: YouTube)

In the video, Trevor then tries to pry the snake off the engine as it starts to wrap its tail around his leg.

It then slips out from under the car on to the road and on to Trevor’s arm.

The snake rescuer says he could ‘feel it tightening around his arm squeezing it.’

Mr Velozzi added that despite the snake being retrieved from her car, Jodi is now looking to but a new vehicle, ‘She’s freaked out about getting in the old one!’

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