Woman faces amputation after being hit by a BUS on holiday

'I was trying to pick my calf up and put it back on'
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An Australian woman facing losing her leg after being involved in a horrific crash on the third day of her holiday.

Stacey Liddle, from Brisbane, was riding a scooter with friends in Phuket, Thailand, when a bus collided with her.


‘I saw Stacey being dragged under the bus and the back wheels of the bus drove over her,’ Stacey’s friend, Sinead Markham, told


Thinking she was dead, Sinead soon heard her friend make a noise and realised her leg was completely torn apart, with her flesh and calf muscle laying on the road.

‘I was trying to pick up my calf and put it back on…trying to mend my leg back together,’ Stacey told her cousin, Katrina Liddle, when she reached hospital.

Since the horrific accident, Stacey has received 10 blood transfusions and has no feeling below the knee. Her holiday to Thailand was to mark her 30th birthday, which was on Monday.

In a desperate bid to save her limb, her family have now started a GoFundMe to raise the $15,000 needed to bring her home, saying the hospital standards in Thailand have been extremely sub par.

Stacey on her first day in Thailand
Stacey on her first day in Thailand (Credit: GoFundMe)

‘The first day her bed sheets were covered in sweat and blood,’ Ms Markham said.

‘I was terrified she would get an infection and I have just found out now on the fourth day she now has an infection.’

While Stacey had travel insurance, it’s believed her coverage does not extend to this type of accident.

‘We came to Thailand to celebrate her birthday and it’s turned into a holiday from hell,’ Ms Markham said.

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