Woman drowns after being swept out to sea on an inflatable flamingo

Our thoughts are with her family...
Nine News

A woman has drowned at a popular Adelaide beach after reportedly falling off an inflatable flamingo that was swept out to sea. 

The woman, 28, was sharing the raft with three other people when beachgoer, Hemi Vaneyk, 27, noticed they were in trouble.

The group were being dragged out by a strong current so Mr Vaneyk and his cousin in-law grabbed a kayak and paddled out to try and help, according to told Nine News. 

‘The lady was unconscious lying over two people on the float. I am no expert but she did not look good. She was unconscious and pale,’ Mr Vaneyk said.

‘The adrenaline was pumping and one of the men just kept yelling ‘she has four kids, she has four kids’.’

Rushing them back to shore, a father-of-five, Darrell, started CPR before emergency services arrived, but the woman couldn’t be revived.

It is thought the victim’s partner was on the shore with a group of children.

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