Woman celebrates divorce by blowing up her wedding dress

Going out with a bang!

A newly divorced woman has celebrated the end of her marriage in the most extreme way.

Texas divorcee Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler from Texas, USA, recently ended her marriage after 14 years.

To celebrate, the 43-year-old mum hosted a ‘divorce party’, with 40 friends and family, ending the night when she blew her white wedding dress into smithereens.

‘I wanted to remove all things from our marriage from our house,’ Ms Santleben-Stiteler told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

‘Photos in the attic, ring in the safe (but probably going to sell it) and the dress I wanted to burn.’

According to the woman, it was her father and brother who suggested she destroy her wedding dress in a bonfire.

Loading up the gown with Tannerite (explosive targets), Ms Santleben-Stiteler walked away and shot at the dress with a rifle, causing a fireball.

According to locals, the explosion could be smelled and heard from over 24km away.

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