Woman drives alongside MASSIVE wild black wolves on Canadian highway

Must see this!

A woman in northern Canada has captured an incredible sight as she drove to work along a frosty highway. 

At first Rhonda Miller thought the giant shape in front of her was a man walking along the highway, which she says is really unusual.

‘I slowed down a bit and I got closer,’ she explains to CBC, pulling out her phone to record the amazing video.

‘I thought it was a bear, and I thought, it can’t be a bear because it was the wrong time of year.’

Suddenly she realised it was a massive black wolf!

The animal was running ‘flat out’, and a few metres ahead was another one.

‘My body immediately became afraid,’ Miller said.

‘I was so struck by the size of their heads and their jaws.’

She says she thinks the animals were running somewhere between 40-50 kph but she didn’t remember, she was captivated by the sight itself.

‘I think just the power of them and the beauty of them, seeing them running like that, flat out, is pretty inspiring.’

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