Woman accused of telling her boyfriend to shoot a crying toddler found NOT GUILTY

Her boyfriend pleaded guilty to shooting the two-year-old

A woman who was accused of encouraging her partner to shoot their neighbour’s toddler in the head has been found not guilty of causing grievous bodily harm.

Harry Studley, 18 months, suffered life-threatening injuries after being shot by father of two, Jordan Walters, 24, in July last year.

Walters pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm (GBH), but his partner, Emma Horseman, 24 – who is also the mother of his children – was also charged with causing GBD by aiding and abetting.

During the two-day trial, prosecutors said Ms Horseman told her partner to shoot the rifle to ‘scare’ Harry as he was crying. 

But Ms Horseman told the court: ‘I can’t remember saying that.’

Jordan Walters and Emma Horseman (Credit: Facebook)

She was acquitted of all charges this week after a jury returned a verdict of not guilty.

Harry was visiting the apartment shared by Horseman and Walters with his mum, Emma Allen, and older brother Riley, when the incident occurred.

The jury was told Walters thought the weapon was empty so ‘aimed the gun at Harry and fired it right into Harry’s head’.

Harry underwent lifesaving surgery but, with the bullet still lodged in his skull, Harry now suffers from seizures.

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