Woman accidentally texts wrong number asking for dress advice and changes a life!

You'll never guess how...

We’ve all been there – trapped in a dressing room in desperate need of an opinion from a trusted friend. 

A young woman named Syd found herself in that exact situation and snapped a shot of herself in a gorgeous formal gown, which she texted to a pal. 

However, she dialled the wrong number and the message ended up in a stranger’s inbox – dad-of-six Tony Wood from Tennessee, USA.

‘I believe this message was intended for someone else,’ he replied.

‘My wife isn’t home, so I couldn’t get her opinion, but the kids and I think you look stunning in your dress! You should definitely go with that one!’

Adorably, he’d attached a photograph of his gorgeous brood giving Syd a big thumbs up. 

Too cute not to share, Syd’s friend Mandi posted the message on Twitter. 

Turns out, one of Tony’s kids was missing from the frame, his four-year-old son Kaizler.

His mum was by his side in hospital as he underwent chemotherapy to treat leukaemia.

Commenters quickly discovered a GoFundMe page, which a family friend had set up two years ago to help fund Kaizler’s treatment.

Touched, they began donating and $40,743 has now been raised for the family!

Before the tweet, they hadn’t even reached their goal of $10,000.

‘It’s been amazing and is a bigger blessing than anyone could ever know. We were backed up to a financial wall. I’ve been working the entire time, but I was slowly but surely succumbing to the financial rigours of the situation,’ Tony told Bored Panda

Never has a wrong number turned out so right!

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