Wife poisoned hubby’s cereal to avoid sex – now she’s on the run

She vanished the day before her sentencing.

A woman found guilty of poisoning her husband to avoid having sex with him has escaped custody hours before she was due to be sentenced for her crimes.

Two years ago, Andrea Heming , 49, admitted to adding boric acid – a common cockroach poison – to her husband’s cereal so he would not try to have sex with her.

Andrea told police she had no intention of killing her husband, Ralph, but she just wanted to make him sick enough ‘to make him not have an erection’ reports KSNV.

Her husband says that he had been getting nosebleeds and cramps for around 6 months, and that Andrea had once told him that when she worked as a flight attendant she had snuck a sedative into an unruly passengers drink.

Authorities suspect Andrea escaped from the US state of Nevada, and is currently in Mexico.

She could be given up to 15 years prison, if caught.

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