Wife of millionaire pretended to be a struggling single mum in housing scam

Kept up the facade for 18 years so she could live in public housing
Seven News

A Sydney woman pretended to be a struggling single mum so she could live in public housing despite being married to a millionaire businessman.

Rebecca Khodragha married Khaled in 1991, but never registered their marriage, according to 7 News.

Despite Freedom of Information documents showing that Khaled’s business earned an estimated income of $1 million per year, the couple have been living in public housing in Punchbowl, NSW for an astonishing 18 years.

The public housing unit block where Rebecca Khodragha and her family lived (Credit: Seven News)

The couple also own a unit in Lakemba and a house in Greenacre, which they purchased in 2000 and 2002 respectively.

Meanwhile, Khodragha claimed to be a ‘battling single mum on welfare’.

‘They’re not just cheating the taxpayer, they’re cheating people in need who should be getting accommodation that they’re not,’ Housing NSW spokesperson Paul Vevers said.

‘We will back-charge her all of the rents that she should have paid.’

Khodragha was found guilty of two counts of fraud last year and sentenced to three months in jail, to be served at home. However she is now appealing this home detention decision.

Rebecca Khodragha (Credit: Seven News)

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