Why I invited my hubby’s mistress to Christmas dinner

How awkward!
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Kate knew other women noticed her husband, Matt, and she understood why – he was very good looking, confident and charming – but she’d never had any reason to doubt his feelings for her.

That was until August 2009, when Kate found an email from one of Matt’s colleagues, Rebecca.

You’ve got right under my skin, it read.

Confronted, Matt admitted to having an affair.

Frightened that if she kicked up a fuss it would push Matt into the arms of Rebecca, Kate chose to allow the affair to play out, hoping it would come to a natural end.

‘I still loved Matt and I believed him when he said he loved me,’ Kate told Marie Claire UK. But two days before Christmas, Matt mentioned that a heavy snowfall was preventing Rebecca from getting home to her family.

So Kate found herself inviting Rebecca to spend Christmas with them.

‘I didn’t want him dodging out to see her, and I felt less threatened now I knew Matt didn’t want a divorce,’ Kate said.

She even bought a present so Rebecca would have a gift under the tree.

christmas dinner
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Introduced to the family as Matt’s colleague, Rebecca spent Christmas with them, and slept over – under strict rules.

‘Kate forbade me from sleeping with Rebecca that night, but she needn’t have bothered as I felt far too humiliated to have sex,’ says Matt.

Matt admitted his actions were selfish and says despite the affair he never questioned his love for Kate.

‘I didn’t like the idea of her spending Christmas with us, but if Matt must have a mistress I’d rather accept her than drive him into the arms of someone I don’t know,’ Kate reasoned.

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