There’s more to this simple beach snap than meets the eye!

We can't believe it took us so long!

In what looks like a snap taken of friends having a great time at the beach, there’s something quite peculiar going on.


Have you seen it?

The photo surfaced on Instagram.
The photo surfaced on Instagram.

Your eye might start searching the screen for an extra hand or a missing finger but you would be on the wrong track there.


You might notice the man with the dark glasses in the back?


You might then notice that he has the same style of glasses as every one of the six girls in front of him.


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In fact these faces have more in common than that – because each one of the girls has that man’s exact face!


Some clever photo manipulator has made what is called a facebomb!


Facebombing is when one person’s face is used to replace the faces of everyone else in the picture.


It can have sometimes creepy but often hilarious results!

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