Watch: Grieving dad’s inconsolable when he receives new puppy

His reaction will reduce you to tears
Love What Matters

Anyone who has lost a beloved pet understands the overwhelming sense of grief when they’re gone.

Your best mate is no longer there to greet you at the door or lick you until you laugh when you’ve had a bad day. The house feels empty and quiet.

So when James Xuereb’s two dogs, Nemo and Lucy, passed away within two weeks of each other, he was devastated.

Wanting to bring a bit of happiness back into his life, his family had a surprise – a new puppy!

As he began to read out an emotional letter from the gorgeous new bichon frise, they caught his overwhelming reaction on camera.

Warning: You might want to grab a box of tissues before you settle down to watch!

They’ve affectionately named him Lumo, a combination of both Lucy and Nemo, in their memory, ABC News reported.

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