Vicious brawl breaks out over parking space in busy shopping centre

Five people involved in brutal fight.

A disagreement between two drivers in a car park escalated to a brutal punch-up when both claimed rights to a parking spot.

In two video recorded by Eric Castillo, who posted it to Facebook, remarking on how there was ‘so much hate’ in the world these days.

What starts as a fight between to women become a five person brawl when three other people get involved.

A man in a red shirt, who appears to be staff, attempts to calm the situation down however one woman lashes out. A man in a checked shirt then hits both a man and a woman to the ground.

One woman holds the other by the hair and attempts to knee her in the chest before they both end up on the floor, being pulled apart by the people with them.

Castillo describes the event as ‘disgusting’, and laments that this sort of thing happens ‘down the street.’

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