An unwanted guest slithers up an Aussie home

Looking at his backdoor a man spots a python scaling his home.

Gold Coast local Robbie Knills was hanging out his laundry when he spotted a python slithering around his backyard.  

Approximately three-metres long Robbie pulled out his phone and captured the whole ordeal on camera!

Gliding through his backyard the serpent made its way to the patio and then up the walls of his house.

“I am glad it was me hanging out the washing because the wife would probably never do it again if it was her,” Robbie described his encounter.

Robbie got the fright of his life
Robbie got the fright of his life (Credit: Reddit)

Speaking to myGC Robbie said the python has been living in his shed but the warmer weather has brought him out.

Stills have been shared on the site Reddit where people are urging others to make sure second floor windows are shut to prevent unwanted visitors slithering in.

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