Plastic surgeon posts photo of unconscious patients online

Is this going a bit too far?

This plastic surgeon takes photos of his patients on the operating table and posts them online.

Edgar Kaminskyi, 31, works as a plastic surgeon in the Ukraine – but is probably better known for his photos on Instagram. Kaminskyi has posted photos of his patients unconscious on the operating table, before and after surgeries including nose jobs and breast implants.

Warning: graphic content

The photos have earned him criticism from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (BAAPS) with Mary O’Brien, BAAPS council member, told Daily Mail ‘…inappropriate use of photos and social media is exploitative of vulnerable patients.

“And it is my view, that during an operation, a surgeon should be focusing wholly on that operation, and not on marketing for his own personal gain.”

Kaminsyki meanwhile says the privacy of his patients is always maintained and his waiting list is over a year long.

“They sign an appropriate document. I do not take social networks as a mean of communication, only as an advertising engine.”

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