Two bodies found in search for missing 13-year-olds

The girls vanished after posting an eerie photo to Snapchat while out hiking

Two bodies have been found in the search for two missing 13-year-old girls who vanished after going for a hike.

Abigail Williams and Liberty German posted an eerie photo to Snapchat as they walked along an abandoned railway track in Indiana on Monday.

After being dropped off at around 1pm, their last Snapchat post was at 2.07pm before they failed to return to their arranged pick-up spot. They were reported missing at 5.30pm.

Liberty German posted this shot to Snapchat before vanishing (Credit: Snapchat)

While police have not formally identified the bodies as belonging to the missing pair, they have ‘scaled back’ their search for the girls.

‘We are investigating this as a crime scene,’ Indiana State Police Sergeant Kim Riley said at a press conference on Tuesday.

‘We do suspect foul play.’

The bodies were discovered on a riverbank less than two kilometres from Monon High Bridge, where Abigail and Liberty were dropped off. 

According to police, the girls phones pinged in multiple locations but were either turned off or went flat shortly after they were reported missing.

Investigations are continuing.

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