Outrageous singer and TV star Delilah ‘has died’

Entertainment reporter Peter Ford says the camp icon has passed away.

Outrageous US-born Aussie vocalist, stage performer and 90s TV star Delilah has passed away, according to entertainment reporter Peter Ford.

Taking to Twitter, Ford wrote, ‘Sad to report the death of a unique & talented entertainer…RIP Delilah.’

Although there has yet to be an official statement released by the singer’s family or management, fans have taken to social media to share their sadness in the wake of Ford’s post.

First coming to Australia to perform in a 1976 stage musical version of The Wizard of Oz, Baltimore-born Delilah had a string of stage and recording credits to her name, but became perhaps better known for her high-energy spots on a number of TV variety shows, before all of it was completely overshadowed by her seven years of outrageous TV ads for Campbell’s Cash and Carry.

The in-your-face and abrasive ads became a cult sensation, but despite the steady work, the gig began to alienate Delilah from her true vocation and joy, singing. She returned to the stage later in her career after battling depression.  

‘I wasn’t singing and that was bringing me down,’ she told the Sydney Morning Herald. ‘I didn’t realise it.

‘I was busy and I was doing things but I was sinking because my energy wasn’t going in to the thing I loved.

‘Gospel music was how I got started.

‘When I was four years old, I would make costumes from newspaper. I would sing for the other kids in the backyard and sell tickets.’

She certainly came a long way. What a sad day! 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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