Turia Pitt shares new photos of her baby boy

The inspirational Aussie and her fiance took their newborn son out and about.
Instagram/Turia Pitt

Inspirational burns survivor Turia Pitt has shared new snaps of her newborn son on Instagram.

Taking to her social media page on Thursday, the new mum – who welcomed baby Hakavai Hoskin just last week – showed that she and her fiancé Michael were getting out and about with their son.

‘Santa came early to the Hoskin residence this year. Thanks everyone for your well wishes,’ Turia captioned a picture of the three of them.

turia pitt and hubby
Turia shared this new image to her Instagram, showing her new family addition (Credit: Instagram/Turia Pitt)

‘Mum and baby are happy and healthy (and Michael looks like the genie from Aladdin),’ she wrote, in reference to the fact that Michael was wearing their baby boy in a bright blue sling on his stomach.

‘We are slightly sleep deprived but stoked!’ Turia admitted.

It was just last week that Turia revealed that she had given birth – sharing the news in her weekly newsletter to fans.

turia pitt and hubby
(Credit: Instagram/Turia Pitt)

‘Michael and I want to introduce you to someone….’ Turia started her newsletter.

‘Meet Hakavai Hoskin.

‘We’ll be in this little newborn bubble for a few weeks but we wanted to pop our heads out for a moment to share the news directly with you.

‘We are totally in love, and just so stoked!’ the inspirational Australian concluded.

turia 2
Just last week Turia gave birth to baby Hakavai (pictured) (Credit: Instagram/Turia Pitt)

Prior to that, Turia had taken to her blog saying that lots of people had been asking her how she was feeling about the birth.

‘“Are you nervous?” they’ll ask me,’ she said.

‘Yeah, of course, with any big change approaching, there’s a certain element of uncertainty.

‘And when you know that you’re going to experience pain, that can be pretty scary,’ she added.

But Turia went on to insist she’s not looking at it that way.

Turia baby boy
(Credit: Turia Pitt/Instagram)

‘I’m re-framing it,’ she said. ‘It’s the same technique I use before every major surgery I have.

‘I write a list of all the bad things that could happen – it’s going to hurt, I don’t know if I can do it, what if I can’t handle the pain.

‘Then I write a list of all the good things – how grateful I am to still be here, to have a beautiful partner like Michael, and to get to experience this.’

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