Turia Pitt shares heartfelt message to her son

The inspirational Australian shared a poignant message to baby Hakavai.
Instagram/Turia Pitt

She welcomed an adorable baby boy just before Christmas, and now Australian burns survivor Turia Pitt has shared a heartfelt message to her son.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, the inspirational mum-of-one shared a photo of herself breastfeeding her son, Hakavai, with her 700,000 fans.

‘My love for you is illimitable,’ Turia simply captioned her post – accompanying the words with a blue love heart emoji.

turia 1
(Credit: Instagram/Turia Pitt)

Before Christmas, Turia – who is engaged to partner Michael Hoskin – spoke about how she struggled with breastfeeding at first.

Again taking to Instagram, she shared a tongue-in-cheek photo of herself in a low cut top.

Alongside the snap she wrote that there were ‘a couple of major perks to breastfeeding’.

turia 2
(Credit: Instagram/Turia Pitt)

But the new mum went on to say she had found it a struggle.

‘I actually found breastfeeding really hard at the beginning,’ Turia wrote.

‘But then I realised it was the first time I’d ever breastfed and it was Hakavai’s first time too and the first time you try anything new you’re not going to be an expert at it!

‘We’re not experts (yet) but we’re definitely getting the hang of it,’ she concluded.

turia 3
(Credit: Instagram/Turia Pitt)

Sending a message to her fans via her blog before Christmas, Turia also thanked well-wishers for their support.

‘Michael and I have been BLOWN AWAY by all the support and love we’ve received since Hakavai arrived last week,’ she wrote.

‘We are totally wrapped up in this epic little newborn bubble – where we’re happy to stay for a while!’

turia post baby
(Credit: Instagram/Turia Pitt)

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