Turia Pitt shares adorable new photos of her son

Isn’t he growing up fast!
Instagram/Turia Pitt

Isn’t it amazing how fast they grow up?

One minute your little-one is just a babe in arms – the next they have a personality all of their own.

It’s something mum-of-one Turia Pitt may well be thinking – as she shared a series of snaps of her baby boy Hakavai with her 787,000 Instagram followers on Saturday.

‘I feel like Peter Rabbit would object to this treatment,’ Turia wrote, with trademark humour, next to a photo of her adorable son playing with a toy rabbit.

Turia shared this adorable snap of Hakavai with her 787,000 followers (Credit: Instagram/Turia Pitt)

Four-month-old Hakavai, whose name means ‘dance of the water’ in Tahitian, seems to be growing an impressive head of hair in the snaps.

Earlier this month, Turia used her weekly newsletter to open up about her relationship with fiancé Michael Hoskin.

Sharing her thoughts to Instagram ahead of the release of a new edition of her book Unmasked, Turia said people were always telling her how ‘lucky’ she was to have Michael in her life.

‘But Lady Luck has nothing to do with it,’ Turia wrote.

‘In the lead up to the release of this new edition, a few journalists have been in touch, keen to know the “secret” to mine and Michael’s relationship,’ Turia told subscribers to her newsletter.

turia and family
She previously opened up about her relationship with Michael (Credit: Instagram/Turia Pitt)

‘That’s nothing new. For years now, people have asked us questions like this, and made lots of comments about how we “make it work” too,’ she revealed.

‘The majority of commenters have said to me, in one way or another, “You’re so lucky to have Michael”.

‘But I don’t necessarily agree.

Yes, Michael is definitively, and without a doubt, a pretty top bloke. He’s kind, humble, self-effacing, generous and loyal. He makes me a better person.

‘But luck … nah,’ Turia wrote.

Hakavai is now four months old
Hakavai is now four months old (Credit: Instagram/Turia Pitt)

‘I don’t like how the idea of luck absolves you of any personal responsibility,’ the mum-of-one wrote.

‘My philosophy on relationships is pretty simple. In order to be with the right person, YOU have to be the right person!

‘If you want a relationship that is full of outdoorsy adventures with someone who is mature and in touch with their emotions – are you mature, in touch with your emotions and taking part in outdoorsy adventures?’ 

Turia went on to say it wasn’t about changing who you are. It’s about ‘being the person you want to be, and living the life you want to live’.

‘It’s about letting go of this idea that when we find the right person, our lives will fall into place too,’ she added.

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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