‘Trashy’ X-rated wedding invite is slammed by guests – but is it that bad?

'I would burn this save the date if I got it'
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A bride and groom have been mercilessly trolled over their X-rated save-the-date card. 

After a guest posted a picture of the offending invitation to a wedding shaming group on Facebook, commenters did not hold back in their criticism. 

The invitation showed a photograph of the betrothed couple with their tongues touching, alongside six other pictures including one of the woman grabbing her fiancé‘s crotch. 

‘Shaming a Save the Date. Nothing says “Come to our 4/20 wedding” like some in-your-face tongue action and a good ol’ fashion crotch grab. I even tried to cover the dogs’ faces to save them the embarrassment…’ the original poster wrote.

Her post quickly attracted hundreds of comments from people who were equally repulsed by the interesting save-the-date choice.

‘I would burn this save the date if I got it,’ one person joked.

(Credit: Facebook)

‘If they do this for the save the date should you expect full frontal nudity at the ceremony? Will there be an exotic dance show? Should you pack singles???’ another asked.

‘Tact and class just isn’t for everyone…’ said one, while another person described it as ‘how trashy and classless.’

As the icing on the cake, commenters pointed out the wedding day was held on April 20th (4.20), universally known as slang for smoking weed.  

Unfortunately, it appears no one defended the couple for trying to have a little fun with their wedding invite. 

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