Traffic headaches expected ahead of the Easter Long Weekend

Plan ahead to avoid the worst of it.

The weather forecast for the Easter long weekend is relatively fine across most of the country, however it’s a different story for what you can expect on the roads. 

It’s estimated that over 4 million people will take advantage of the Easter and Anzac Day holidays, and leave big cities for an extended break.

School holidays are also factoring into the nightmare that is expected on the roads.

It might be worth delaying your planned trip by a couple of hours from 4pm on Thursday, with traffic in all major Australian cities expected to peak above 30% as people start to leave work and head on leave.

Friday morning from 10am until 2pm is another expected peak time, while you should avoid the roads on Monday afternoon from 12pm till 5pm when some traffic is expected to build from people returning back home.

There’s also a reminder that in most states there will be harsher penalties for road incidents from police, including double demerit points in certain states of Australia starting on Thursday

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