Woman shares a touching letter she received from Bob Hawke after her nan died in 1985

So heartwarming
Tracey Corbin Matchett Twitter

Mum-of-three Tracey Corbin Matchett has taken to Twitter to share a touching letter she received in 1985 from the then Prime Minister Bob Hawke after her nan passed away.

Following the sad news last night that Bob Hawke had passed away in his sleep age 89, Tracey felt compelled to share the letter.

Tracey wrote: ‘As a child struggling with my Nan’s death, I wrote to PM Bob Hawke, to help my young mind understand why we die. His letter back to me is my most treasured childhood memory!’

Tracey’s letter from Bob Hawke in 1985. (Credit: Tracey Corbin Matchett Twitter)

In the letter, Bob Hawke ponders the meaning of death saying: ‘Some people die because of unfortunate accidents, sometimes because they become so ill because doctors are unable to hep them recover.

‘Perhaps when we get very old our bodies get worn out, or certain parts break down, like parts in an old car. None of us can be sure how long we will live. Because this is so I think you should try not to think too much about dying.’

The then PM Robert Hawke (R) meeting with US Secretary of State George Shultz in 1985. (Credit: Getty)

The former Prime Minister who was in office from 1983 to 1991 is survived by his wife Blanche d’Alpuget.

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