Toddler’s hilarious tantrum about the Elf on the Shelf

Her mum said she better behave or the Elf will tell Santa.
Caters News Agency / Getty

As the kids get excited for Christmas it can be hard to keep them from bouncing off the walls.


Enter ‘Elf on the Shelf’ – a cute tradition where an elf is sat up on a high shelf to keep an eye on little ones on Santa’s behalf.


But there is one three-year-old who is not buying it.


Little Lucy Adamsky’s mum, Kristen, told her naughty toddler that she better behave or Bubbles (the elf) will tell Santa she’s not been good.


Lucy’s response was to shout that the Elf wouldn’t be doing any such thing: ‘No he’s not, he’s not really, see? He’s a toy.’


Since Kristen’s older kids are grown and don’t believe in Santa anymore, this mum says she was trying to keep the Christmas magic alive.


‘I was hoping to get Lucy to play along and have some fun with our Elf as my older daughters don’t believe anymore.’


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But Lucy has never gotten on board, and they’ve had several arguments about Bubbles.


‘She’s always been quite the smarty pants and keeps me on my toes that’s for sure.’

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