Toddler saved from busy road by quick-thinking motorist

Her parents didn't believe she'd even gotten out!

Hero motorist averts disaster when toddler wanders unsupervised onto a busy Sydney street.

Gary Dring was conveniently driving with his dash cam recording when he noticed a baby girl toddling down a driveway toward the street.

The little girl continued to walk onto the road where the quick-thinking Gary stepped in. Pulling into the lane to prevent any cars from hitting the little girl, he got out of his car, picked up the girl and handed her to a relative who had come out the house.

Toddler is standing in middle of the road as Gary pulls up
Gary pulled up to stop other cars driving in that lane. (Credit: 7News)

“The parents didn’t believe the police that the baby was out there,” Mr Dring told 7 News.

“They had to call me up to bring the vision over just to give them proof that the baby was actually out on the street by itself.”

Gary picks the little girl up to move her off the road.
Gary picks the little girl up to move her off the road. (Credit: 7News)
Gary picked the girl up and handed her to a relative
A relative came out the house and Gary handed the little girl over. (Credit: 7News)

The family of the girl declined to be interviewed.

Police urge families with small children to make sure they are supervised especially near busy roads.

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