Teens rescue ‘beached’ tiger shark on Aussie shore

'I’m not sure I’d go in again.'
Jason Hodgson

A Perth dad has praised the efforts of two young anglers to save a “beached” tiger shark at Woodman Point on Sunday afternoon – even if it means he needs to find somewhere else to swim.

Jason Hodgson had taken his daughters to an area near Ammo Jetty for a picnic on Sunday afternoon when they noticed a commotion late in the day.

“We could see all these people running down the jetty – so I took the girls over and said we’d have a look at what was going on,” Mr Hodgson explained.

“These couple of young guys had obviously got this shark and have then had to reel it all the way into the beach to get the hook out.

“It was a pretty big shark – probably six feet I reckon and a tiger – and it took a couple of them to jump on it and sort out the hook. Then they swam it back out.”

(Credit: Jason Hodgson)

Mr Hodgson said the anglers had taken some flak on social media about the episode but said they actually deserved plaudits.

“The shark took a couple of rolls up the beach and they grabbed it and took a photo for probably five seconds,” he said.

“But they took all due care and made every effort to save it. They were all about the well-being of the shark.

“Once they got the hook out and took it back into the water they took a fair risk. They swam it out to a point where they were probably chest-deep and could make sure there was some water around its gills and that it was going to be OK.”

Mr Hodgson said realising what was potentially lurking in the water at the popular spot might make him think twice about swimming there again.

“We’d been on the other side of the jetty, probably up to our waists – maybe 10 metres away from where it all happened,” he said.

“Having seen what’s there now, I’m not sure I’d go in again.”

This article originally appeared on PerthNow.

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