Youngster needs skin grafts after horrific treadmill accident

Little girl was injured as she played at home

A three-year-old girl has suffered friction burns during a freak accident on a family treadmill.

Sienna Gay was wedged between the spinning belt and a wall after another youngster accidentally switched it on.

Sienna’s mum, Kelly, was on the phone when she heard screams coming from another room.

When she rushed to her daughter, she found her husband desperately trying to turn the machine off.

Kelly pulled the safety switch, bringing the treadmill to a standstill.

Sadly, Sienna had suffered severe friction burns across her body, with her stomach among the worst affected areas.

The traumatised youngster has also been given skin grafts on her right arm and hands.

Kelly, who had told her children never to touch the treadmill, said she had spoken out to warn other families about the dangers.

She told the Daily Mail Australia: ‘Turn it off at the wall, pull the chord out and hide the key. Do not leave the key or any exercise equipment around young children. They are curious and intrigued.’

The little girl’s dance school in Perth have wished the youngster well in a Facebook post.

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