This woman has the worst passport photo ever

Wait until you see what they did to her face!

Getting a bad passport is like a traveller’s rite of passage, but often it’s because we’re either having a bad hair day, have had little to no sleep and aren’t allowed to smile for the camera.

Well, one woman has received a shock upon receiving her passport photo, but not even a smile and good lighting could have fixed this one.

Chelsey Ramos, upon planning a trip with her boyfriend to Germany, decided it was time to renew her passport. She visited her local store to get a new photo, which turned out fine, as far as passport photos go.

But when she received the passport she realised that something had happened during the printing process.  While Ramos was none too happy about what had happened, her boyfriend saw the funny side of the whole situation and posted a side by side comparison of the two photos on Reddit.

Her forehead was stretched so much that it didn’t take long for people to point out she looked like one of the stars of the 90s hit film Coneheads.

“She looks like she could tell you the 5 billionth digit of pi without even breaking a sweat,” one person commented.

“You ain’t got a forehead. You got a fivehead,” said another.

It seems like Ramos isn’t the only person who has experienced such a disastrous passport photo, another user shared a photo of his own stretched photo.

Thankfully, Ramos doesn’t have to endure this passport photo until it expires, as the State Department had agreed to send a new one in the mail.

This article first published on Travel at 60.

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