This pooch was rescued from death row and became a star

His tail is extraordinary!

When Aussie Calley Gibson-Stoll, 35, rescued a puppy named Pikelet from death row, the pooch changed her life forever.

The red staffy cross was just five weeks old and would have been killed had Calley and her partner, Brad, 35, not taken him in.

What was meant to be a temporary foster arrangement became permanent when Calley fell in love with tiny Pikelet.

Cute Pikelet (far left) with his animal friends.

‘He was extremely docile with a playful nature. When I got home from work he often prompted a game of hide and seek,’ said Calley.

After deciding to keep him fur-ever, Calley started taking photos of Pikelet and posting them on social media.

Laid-back Pikelet is a natural star.

‘With his lad-back nature and good looks, Pikelet was a born star!’ said Calley.

With every new picture, his following on Facebook and Instagram grew.

Pikelet with pups Pixy Stix and Patty cakes.

Soon publishing houses were contacting Calley asking to tell Pikelet’s story, and last month The Extraordinary Life of Pikelet hit the shelves. 

The book tells Pikelet’s story and also shows photos of him with a menagerie of his cute foster brothers and sisters.

Pikelet (far right) loves posing with his friends.

‘Since adopting him, we’ve taken on three other dogs, Betty Boo, Blanche Foo Foo and Patty cakes, two kittens, Peppercorn and Peppergrass, and fostered pups Pringle and Pretzel. We’ve even welcomed a goat called Pompadour!’ says Calley.

‘Our small home in Sydney in now home to one of the most diverse and loving families – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.’

The Extraordinary Life of Pikelet by Calley Gibson is out now RRP $29.99

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