This mum plans to film her second birth on Snapchat

Would you tune in to share the experience?

Melbourne blogger Sophie Cachia, 26, has shared her plans to film the upcoming birth of her second baby on Snapchat.

The Young Yummy on Facebook
Sophie Cachia shares her plans on Facebook.

Sophie’s blog The Young Mummy documents the life she shares with her husband Jaryd and their two-year-old son, Bobby. 

Reactions have been mixed, with one commenter on The Young Mummy’s Facebook page saying that Sophie would regret the decision.

‘You are very young, I get it. When you have grown up, years from now and matured I believe you will look back on this and realise how silly it is. I cannot understand why you would do this. You seem to live your every living moment on social media, why would you want to share something so incredibly sacred and personal on Snapchat?’ she wrote.

‘I don’t believe I will,’ Sophie replied, with a winky face.  

Sophie’s husband will chiefly be in charge of filming the event, according to Mamamia

But, while viewers will have access to a behind-the-scenes look at birth, Sophie’s made some clear rules. 

‘You’re not going to be getting a close up of my vagina or the head crowning.

‘And I won’t be revealing the gender or the name of the baby on Snapchat,’ Sophie told Mamamia. 

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