This Aussie teen turned to Facebook to find a date for his Grade 12 formal

He's been flooded with offers!
Facebook/Joshua Shephard

Lads, it’s time to lift your game. 

Perth teen Joshua Shephard’s Grade 12 formal was coming up. But he was still dateless. 

So, the courageous teen decided to take to Facebook to try and find a lucky lady. And he’s been inundated with offers!

Melissa Smith, 23, even offered to accompany Joshua to the ball.

‘Oh man, I’m 23 years old and would love to rock up with you and enjoy the night but that would be a bit naughty,’ she wrote

The teenager told PerthNow that he was still ‘heartbroken’ over a recent split with his girlfriend. Initially, he planned to go to the ball alone.

Joshua’s search for a date is right on target. (Credit: Facebook/Joshua Shephard)

‘I started to realise that if I did go alone that I would start to think about her so I thought I’d like for a girl to go with me,’ Joshua told PerthNow.

‘I’m not a very confident person face-to-face so I thought I would take it to Facebook…I wasn’t really expecting (such a big response).’

Lucky he did, because now Joshua has narrowed his search for a date down to two lucky ladies who’ve since contacted him.

A commenter summed the heartwarming story up perfectly.

‘Faith in humanity restored.’

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