The Wall contestant reunited with her long lost sister

They are now closer than ever!
The Wall/Channel Seven

Having finally met, these long lost sisters are now best mates.

Bron Pike, 51, tell the story in her own words.

Staring at the woman in front of me, I felt a rush of emotion. I’d never seen her before in my life, but we pulled each other into a hug. ‘I’m so glad I found you,’ I said. After years of searching, I’d finally met Michelle, my long-lost sister.

Growing up in Canberra, I’d always known I was adopted and I yearned to know about my biological family.

Do I look like someone? I thought, gazing into the mirror. And as I got older, I started wondering about my medical history, too. I felt like I had a black hole where my heritage should be.

I’d been born in NSW, but back then there were laws that made it hard for me to access my records. Then, a rule changed and in my mid-20s I was granted access to my hospital details.

Following clues, I discovered more about my birth family. After my biological parents put me up for adoption when they were young, they’d gone on to have another daughter. My search led me to Adelaide – to my little sister Michelle.

long lost sisters
Michelle and Bron after their first meeting

By then I lived in Brisbane and had a young daughter, Danielle, now 31. ‘We’re going to see Mum’s family,’ she excitedly told the other passengers on the plane.I had to smile, but inside I was a bag of nerves.

Meeting Michelle, I looked from my sister to my daughter.‘You look so alike,’ I said, taking in their matching brown hair and eyes.

As soon as we started chatting, I knew I’d found my missing piece. Kind and caring, Michelle, now 49, was a lovely person. More than that, we gelled right away. Growing up an only child, Michelle was thrilled to find out about me.

And Bron as a child.
Bron as a child.
Michelle as a child.
And Michelle as a child.

Although we lived so far apart, we spoke often and met up a few times a year. When she fell pregnant, we looked forward to the baby’s arrival together. Then, I got a call to say Michelle had been rushed in for an emergency delivery.

Her baby girl, Taylor, was premature and spent two months in hospital. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, she’d need lots of care. Michelle rose to the challenge. She’s incredible, I thought.

The two of us have stayed close through thick and thin. We know just how to help if one of us is stressed or needs cheering up.

Now 22, Taylor is a happy and loving young woman and a big sister to Sophie, 18. Sadly, the equipment and therapy she needs is expensive. But in August, Michelle had an idea. ‘I’ve seen an advert for contestants for a new TV show,’ she said. ‘They’re looking for people who like trivia, and work well as a team.’ The show was called The Wall, and there was a chance to win a lot of money. ‘Let’s do it!’ I said. Anything we won could go towards Taylor’s care.

Amazingly, we were accepted and had a tense but fun time filming our episode. Did we win any money? My lips are sealed until the show airs on November 12. But whatever the future holds, our sisterly bond can never be broken.

The next episode of The Wall airs on Channel 7 on Sunday at 7pm.

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