The shocking moment axe attack victim is saved by her dreadlocks

CCTV footage has emerged of the horrific attack

A woman has spoken of her lucky escape after being attacked with an axe at her local convenience store.

Sharon Rimmer, 43, was buying milk at 7-Eleven in Enmore, NSW, when she crossed paths with a young woman wielding an axe.

After striking another customer, Ben Rimmer, across the face, she turned her attention to Sharon.

‘She came in with full force and swung and struck the man across the face and then turned immediately around to me again with both hands and came through and struck me with the axe in the back of my head,’ Sharon told 7 News.

Sharon Hacker after the attack (Credit: Network Ten )

But despite being left with a fractured skull, police told Sharon her injuries would’ve likely been fatal if it wasn’t for her dreadlocks.

‘(Police) watched the footage and said stop moving and put me in a neck brace and said ‘she tried to take your head off’ and said ‘if you didn’t have that hair you wouldn’t have a head right now,’ she told 7 News.

Shocking footage of the attack, published by News Corp, captured the sickening attack which has left Ben Rimmer in hospital with serious head injuries.

‘His face was completely opened up and bleeding profusely,’ Sharon told Network Ten.

‘I’m just very lucky that I have very thick dreadlocks.’

Remarkably, Sharon was able to leave hospital the next day but says she may not ever fully mentally recover from the ordeal.

The attacker, who has since been revealed as 24-year-old Evie Amati, has been charged over the incident and was denied bail to face court on Thursday.

To see the footage, click here. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT

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