The secret bottle openers hidden in your kitchen drawer

Never be stuck without a bottle opener again!

It’s a classic dilemma – in hot weather you’d love to crack open a crispy cold beer but ‘oh no!’ you don’t have an opener.


Sure, you could try and open your bottle with another beer, or against the fridge, or with a cigarette lighter… but did you know your kitchen utensils have sneaky bottle openers on them already?


Here are 3 places where you can find bottle openers you may totally have missed!

1. Corkscrew

(Credit: Getty)

The top of your corkscrew isn’t just for twisting into the cork of a delicious chilled white wine, the hole in the centre and the little lip also make it the perfect tool to pop open a beer bottle!

2. Kitchen scissors

(Credit: Getty)

Any little indent like this one can be used to open your bottle of beer. Just be careful of those blades – ouch!

3. Can opener

(Credit: Getty)

All those funny pointy bits on your cheap-as-chips can opener actually have a job! At the end of the handle you’ll find the tell-tale cut-out that means you can crack into a bottle with ease.



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