The ridiculous travel rule that could ruin your holiday

Don't let it happen to you!
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A new crackdown on damaged passports could be the reason your summer holiday is ruined.

Travellers flying to Bali may be banned from boarding the plane if their passport has even a small tear in it.

Indonesian authorities are fining airlines up to $7000 if they allow passengers to board with damaged passports.

It comes after a Perth man was refused entry on a Batik Air flight on Christmas Day because his nine-year-old passport was ‘slightly damaged’, PerthNow reports.

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British newlyweds Daniel and Tia Farthing were also stopped at the immigration desk in Bali and banned from entering the country because their dog had been chewing on the groom’s passport.

It appears airlines are acting cautious and not taking risks in order to avoid the heavy fines.

Australians wanting their passports assessed for damage can visit the Australian Passport Office.

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‘Contact with water or other liquids can cause serious damage,’ the Passport Office states.

‘You must not tear or remove pages from your passport.

It is critical that all the details and the photos on the personal data pages are legible and clear, and that there is no evidence of alteration or tampering with any aspect of the booklet.’

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