The reason behind this unusual newborn shoot is incredible

Baby Ezra certainly was the best thing they've ever brought home from the supermarket

When Ashleigh Miller-Cross went to the supermarket, she probably expected to pick up the usual bread, milk and eggs.

But she came home with much more than she bargained for, when she gave birth in the bathroom of the Atlantic Superstore in Halifax, Canada.

The shocked mother, who didn’t even know she was pregnant, went to the bathroom after experiencing stomach pains.

When a store manager heard her screams, he rushed to help.

‘The baby (had) already proceeded to come, so I grabbed my phone right away, called 911,’ Malcolm Comeau told CBC News.

Thankfully baby Ezra arrived without complications and his mum decided to get a tongue-in-cheek photoshoot done to commemorate his eventful delivery.

‘I was so excited to meet baby Ezra yesterday!’ the photographer wrote.

‘He made the news two weeks ago when he surprised his mother by making his unexpected arrival in a grocery store bathroom!’

He was pictured in a shopping basket along with carrots, bananas and milk!

What a great idea!

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