The reason balloons had to be implanted in this woman’s face

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A woman has had four balloons inserted into her face in an attempt to treat a birthmark covering half of her face.

23-year-old Xiao Yan, from Guizhou, China, was born with the huge birthmark, called amelanocytic nevus, but had recently complained of pain in the area.

Doctors feared it could be cancerous, so started making plans to remove the mole, Pear Video reports.

In need of facial skin tissue for a graft to cover the wound once the birthmark is removed, doctors decided to insert four expanding balloons around her face last October in a bid to grow extra skin.

Doctors fear Xiao Yan's birthmark could be cancerous
Doctor’s fear Xiao Yan’s birthmark could be cancerous (Credit: Pear Video)

Twice a week she goes to the hospital to have these balloons filled with more fluid so that they gradually expand.

While the balloons have gradually become more noticeable, Xiao has tried to maintain a normal life, wearing a hood to conceal her face when she is out in public.

If all goes to plan, Xiao should be able to progress to the next stage of treatment by June.

‘I used to feel sorry for myself,’ she said.

‘But I’ve grown up under the support of my family and now I’m much more positive.’

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