The $5 Kmart Santa costume taking the internet by storm


Is there anyone more thrifty than a mum at Christmas time? We don’t think so! 

The latest nifty creation that is making the rounds across the internet is a $5 Kmart Santa costume for babies. The best part though – it wasn’t even intended for babies at all! 

If you’re wanting to dress up your little one as Santa this Christmas (who doesn’t?) then all you need is a Kmart wine holder.

When shopping in her nearest Kmart store one very clever mum found a novelty $5 Christmas bottle holder and her ‘nifty mother brain’ had a lightbulb moment.

The mother took the holder home with her idea in her head, and lone behold – it worked a treat! 

Now, the popular Christmas costume for babies has swept the internet with mums dressing up their own little ones in the costume. 

The results are downright perfection! 

xmas costume
(Credit: Stacey McFarlane/Facebook)
xmas costume 2

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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