The Block hit with shock cheating scandal

Another day, another Block scandal.
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With auction week only a short while away, The Block contestants are pulling out ALL the stops to finish their renovations.

On Tuesday night’s episode, a $5000 cash prize was an added incentive for one lucky couple to fix up the defects in their houses before handing over the keys. 

It was Josh and Elyse who managed to win the cash, but it didn’t take long for other jealous competitors to accuse the young couple of cheating. 

The couple enjoyed help from Elyse’s mum throughout the series, who had brought over food for the duo as well as assisting with chores like vacuuming and doing loads of washing. 

This didn’t go down well with some of the other teams, with some quick to call out Josh and Elyse. 

‘I think it’s cheating. I think the fact that Elyse has her mum there cooking, cleaning, washing…unless she’s getting paid, which I highly doubt it,’ Georgia complained. ‘If they want to play fair like they’re always talking about, that’s definitely not playing fair.’

Sarah, along with husband Jason, were forced to fix over 100 defects and echoed Georgia’s concerns. 

Speaking to the camera, she said: ‘We know that Josh and Elyse have a big network and they do have a lot of extra help so that does sort of weigh in their favour.’

Also not particularly pleased was Ronnie, who is competing alongside his wife Georgia.

‘Unfortunately we don’t have our mums over here cleaning our houses and making it look in tip-top shape but that’s alright, we’ll get there,’ he said.

However, Josh and Elyse ascertain they are the one’s who put in the hard yards for the win. 

‘Hard work pays off. Hard work never killed anyone. It nearly killed us last night, we didn’t sleep but the house looks pretty good,’ Josh explained.

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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