The Block’s Josh and Elyse’s surprise wedding

The couple get set to announce some very exciting news.
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They’ve won The Block, sold a second home and made millions of dollars – but it seems 2017 is going to end with an even bigger bang for reality TV sweethearts Josh Barker and Elyse Knowles!

Sources close to the gorgeous couple – who have been dating for more than four years – reveal that they’re set to announce their engagement in the coming weeks, after deciding to finally take their relationship to the next level.

‘They’ve had such an amazing three months – winning The Block and selling their other home for a tidy profit,’ says a friend close to Josh. ‘And with all that excitement, it’s really brought them closer to one another and they’ve been talking a lot about marriage.

‘We wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an announcement in the next few weeks. I know Josh has been talking a lot about popping the question and making it all official. He loves Elyse to bits and knows she’s The One – it’s just a matter of taking the next very big step. And it sounds like they’re finally ready to do it.’

During The Block, the couple made no secret of their deep love and affection for one another – and how their family were constantly pestering Josh to get down on bended knee.

‘He says: “Every time you ask, it adds another six months,” ’ Elyse revealed to OK!, with Josh also confirming: ‘We’ve got goals set for the next three, five, 10 years and we know where we want to be and that’s what we want to do.’

But since selling their Block home for more than $3 million – taking home $557,000 in prize money – and making a cool $1 million on the recent sale of their second home in the Melbourne suburb of Coburg, it seems things have changed for the couple.

Now friends are preparing for Josh and Elyse’s star-studded wedding – which some believe could happen in Byron Bay.

‘Josh is from Byron Bay and Elyse has always loved the idea of having a destination wedding,’ says a source close to the model. ‘There are so many beautiful places around Byron to get married and we wouldn’t be surprised if she’s already been checking them out.

‘And she’s become the darling of the fashion set since The Block, so she’d have her choice of designers to choose from when it came time to choose a bridal gown. When they get married, it will be an amazing wedding – they’ll have everyone they love there, as well as all their new celebrity and Block friends.’

But while the couple are happily talking engagement, it seems babies aren’t on the agenda just yet!

Elyse recently revealed that Josh was in no rush to have kids – especially after a recent getaway with Sticks and his two kids, including baby Lani.

‘Josh spent a week with Sticks and his wife Terri up at their home on the coast,’ Elyse told TV Week. ‘And he’s like: “Whoa! I don’t need a kid anytime soon.” ’

‘I love kids… but it’s always nice to give them back.’

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