The baby onesie that has dads fuming

Dads of the internet unite!

A furious father has posted to Reddit to express outrage at a piece of baby clothing, and other internet dads have joined him. 

The onesie in question, shown below, is ‘daddy proof’ with arrows pointing to where the baby’s head, arms and ‘snap’ are. 

(Credit: Reddit)

The father who posted the onesie said he was sick of fathers being labelled as incompetent, with other internet dads agreeing with him. 

‘I agree, this is stupid,’ one dad wrote. ‘Hate the stereotype that dads can barely hold it together with kids. I am a super involved dad. Like someone else mentioned – we don’t babysit, we parent too.’

‘What is this ‘baby’ you speak of?’ reads one tongue-in-cheek comment. ‘As a man I am only vaguely aware of some small humans in my house.’

‘Try this thought experiment: It’s the same shirt but now it says ‘Mummy-proof.’ How would THAT go over with the public,’ said another father. 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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