The 2016 ‘Word of the Year’ has been declared and it’s a deadset winner!

It had some tight competition.

The Australian National Dictionary Centre has named the 2016 Australian word of the year, and it’s ‘democracy sausage.’


Democracy. Sausage.


Call us picky but that’s technically two words.


Anyway! While we’ve been fond of the old sausage sizzle on election day for some time it’s nice to know that our sweet taste of democracy has had such an impact this year.


Director Dr Amanda Laugesen said the official definition was ‘a barbecued sausage served on a slice of bread, bought at a polling booth sausage sizzle on election day.’

Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten with their sausages

‘Arguably, the democracy sausage has been one of the best things to come out of a tumultuous year in politics and political campaigning,’ Dr Laugesen said.


Some other words that *almost* made the cut were shoey, smashed avo, census fail and Ausexit.


A ‘shoey’ is the classy act of drinking booze out of a shoe in order to celebrate something, and it gained international attention in 2016 thanks to Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo.



‘Smashed avo’ is the delightful brunch treat that’s apparently stopping your kids from being able to enter into the real estate game – or something.


smashed avocado


‘Census fail’ naturally refers to the events of the 9th of August 2016, when the website was hacked/crashed/failed to load and Aussies couldn’t fill out the Census on it’s ‘due date’.


‘Ausexit’ refers to the potential cutting of ties with Britain, following on from the apparent “success” of Brexit.


Australia, give yourself a pat on the back for being deadset vocab legends in 2016. 

Source: The Canberra Times via FamousLive

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