Teen who suffered burns to 90% of his body shares BRAVE photo 15 weeks after devastating house fire

No one expected him to survive.

A teen recovering in hospital after a tragic fire at his grandmother’s house has shared a photo of his face after suffered third and fourth degree burns to 90% of his body.

Troy MacKinlay, 19, asked his sister, Abra, 25, to share the photo to social media saying: ‘This is me, if you don’t like it, do one.’

Given less tan 5% chance of survival, Troy spent 14 weeks in critical care while his failed kidneys and lungs recovered.

Abra captioned the photo telling what it was like seeing her brother suffer through recovery.

The fire had robbed him of his fingers, and he had spent 13 hours in surgery being treated. The family had been told to prepare for the worst.

Miraculously, Troy started to get better and has now been moved to the burns unit for ongoing treatment.

Abra is astonished at the response the photo has gotten and the impact it has had on her little brother.

I can’t believe the amount of times this has been liked and shared,’ she added to her caption.

‘But the positive comments and the amount of people who shared the picture is really helping to rebuild his confidence.’

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