Teen murderer convicted after posting sickening selfie with dying boy he shot

He says he doesn’t know what made him do it.

A teenager was convicted of murder after police found a selfie he took and posted via Snapchat with the dying 16-year-old he had just shot.

Maxwell Morton, 18, has been convicted of third-degree murder after shooting his 16-year-old best friend, Ryan Mangan, in the face with what he thought was an unloaded handgun, reports CBS.

Morton, from Pennsylvania, says he doesn’t know why he took the photo, but that ‘something in my head told me to take a picture of what happened.’


(Credit: Westmoreland Police Dept.)

Later he was playing video games online with a teenager from Wisconsin who said that Morton claimed to have already ‘hot his first body’. When the Wisconsin boy didn’t believe him, Morton sent him the selfie and told him the story of the shooting with the final text saying ‘Told you.’

The boy showed his mother the messages, and she then alerted the police.

Maxwell Morton will be sentenced in May, and could be facing 40 years in prison.

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