Miami teacher under investigation for bullying 5-year-old boy

He started crying every morning before school.
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A Miami teacher’s methods are under fire after one of her students’ mothers secretly recorded her “bullying” behaviour in class.

Kandy Escotto’s five-year-old son Aaron had started crying before school and his grades slipped, the Washington Post reports, eventually telling his mother that he was a “bad boy.”

After talking to Aaron, Escotto suspected his kindergarten teacher, “2017 teacher of the year” Rosalba Suarez at Banayan Elementary School in Miami, Florida. But when the school wouldn’t listen to her claims, she took action herself, secretly recording her son’s lessons via a recorder in his backpack.

PEOPLE has obtained the audio, which includes Suarez calling Aaron a “loser” and “a little lost.”

“Raise your hand if you know how to bubble. Aaron doesn’t know,” she says at one point.

Now, Aaron has been transferred to another class, The Washington Post reports.

This article originally appeared on Marie Claire.

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