Sydney man finds HUGE spider crawling up his shoulder

This is so terrifying!

It was like a nightmare come true after a massive tarantula was found by a Sydney tradie when working on a South Sydney job site.

Concreter, Jay Ayoub took to Facebook following the creepy encounter saying: ‘I felt it crawling up my arm and seen it when it was near my shoulder’

The 30-year-old further added: ‘I’m not easily scared but was a little freaked about the size of it.’

Ayoub explained that he handled the spider with care and calmly took the spider off his shoulder before snapping a photo of it.

(Credit: Facebook)

‘I grabbed it from the back like you would grab a crab’ he shared.

Australian tarantulas don’t usually cause harm but will attack if they feel threatened. They have fangs that can grow up to one centimetre long and if bitten can cause major illness and nausea!

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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